How To Choose Crutches Based on Advanced Features for the Elderly?

How To Choose Crutches Based on Advanced Features for the Elderly?

Crutches are special medical devices with which you can “transfer” body weight to the arms and upper torso and thereby remove unnecessary stress on the aching leg. Below, we have listed some of the important factors which senior citizens want to take into account when choosing the crutches based on their requirements.

The possibility of adjustment

You can choose the standard crutches, but later you may find flaws that you did not notice when buying. Crutches, adjustable for individual physiological characteristics of the patient, make it possible to perfectly fit them to your “parameters”. In addition, you can always sell them at any time later if necessary.


The optimal weight of a pair of crutches is 1–1.5 kilograms. There are also metal reinforced crutches weighing about 4 kg, intended for use by obese people (who are above 220 kg). However, the additional four-kilogram load takes a lot of effort, so doctors recommend very heavy patients to choose walkers or wheelchairs. If the patient’s weight does not exceed 100 kg, the wooden ones can be an ideal choice for them, and for the patients, at around 120 kg you can choose “light alloy” crutches.


Now the most common crutches are the one manufactured using wood or metal. The first ones are cheaper, but not as reliable as metal ones, and are not regulated in accordance with the “dimensions” of the patient. It is more sensible in all respects to choose metal alloy crutches. The presence of soft nozzles, comfortable grip and handles make the use of crutches more comfortable. When buying, be sure to ask about these “little things”. The support of the elbow crutch is made in the form of a tip or a pyramid. If the patient likes to travel, then it is better to choose the “road” option.

Design and color

In this regard, each person may have their own taste. But if you plan to sell crutches in the future, you may want to consider the ones that feature a universal color as well as design. About Advantage Healthcare Insurance for Senior Citizens: Popularly recognized as Medicare advantage plans, they help older folks who are 65 and above and living in the United States pay for costs for instance, deductible, copay, etc.