7 Interesting Facts about Swimming the Elderly Need to Know

7 Interesting Facts about Swimming the Elderly Need to Know

1. During swimming, almost all muscle groups work.

During swimming classes, you are required to perform various exercises for your hands, as well as your legs. And while swimming, almost all muscle groups are involved, each of which receives a certain load.

2. Water cools the body and accelerates metabolic processes.

Swimming for the elderly is one of those workouts that strengthen the immune system and the nervous system, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood and normalizes blood circulation. Cool water cools, refreshes and stimulates the metabolic processes in the body, which makes an elderly person feel great.

3. Swimming helps to deal with stress.

To combat stress, all types of physical activity are widely used. When swimming, the water refreshes, “washes away” the accumulated negative emotions. Thus, an elderly person is charged with cheerfulness.

4. The most ancient style of swimming – breaststroke.

There are four basic swimming styles:

  • breaststroke;
  • butterfly;
  • crawl (freestyle);
  • backstroke.

Breaststroke is considered to be one of the most ancient styles of swimming. During the excavations on the walls of the Stone Age caves, drawings of a man swimming in a breaststroke were found.

5. The body weight in water is reduced by 10 times.

When immersed in water, the body becomes almost weightless, so swimming has almost no contraindications. Even people who have never played any type of sports before can take part in swimming classes.

6. Swimming abilities are innate.

A person is born with an innate ability to swim, but it disappears when you are 3 weeks old. Nonetheless, it makes swimming way more easy and natural in the future.

7. Biographies of many athletes who are swimmers indicate that swimming can enhance your health in a positive way:

Australian swimmer Don Frazer, an Olympic champion who received gold medals three times, began swimming after a severe illness (polio). The champion of Europe and the Soviet Union, Tina Lekveishvili, came to the pool to correct her posture using swimming.

The six-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps was unable to coordinate his movements because of his illness, and he constantly ran across various objects. To overcome the disease, he began his career in swimming. About Advantage: Advantage or Medicare advantage plans allow the elderly pay for expenses such as copay, deductible, etc.