How To Choose Crutches Based on Advanced Features for the Elderly?

How To Choose Crutches Based on Advanced Features for the Elderly?

Crutches are special medical devices with which you can “transfer” body weight to the arms and upper torso and thereby remove unnecessary stress on the aching leg. Below, we have listed some of the important factors which senior citizens want to take into account when choosing the crutches based on their requirements.

The possibility of adjustment

You can choose the standard crutches, but later you may find flaws that you did not notice when buying. Crutches, adjustable for individual physiological characteristics of the patient, make it possible to perfectly fit them to your “parameters”. In addition, you can always sell them at any time later if necessary.


The optimal weight of a pair of crutches is 1–1.5 kilograms. There are also metal reinforced crutches weighing about 4 kg, intended for use by obese people (who are above 220 kg). However, the additional four-kilogram load takes a lot of effort, so doctors recommend very heavy patients to choose walkers or wheelchairs. If the patient’s weight does not exceed 100 kg, the wooden ones can be an ideal choice for them, and for the patients, at around 120 kg you can choose “light alloy” crutches.


Now the most common crutches are the one manufactured using wood or metal. The first ones are cheaper, but not as reliable as metal ones, and are not regulated in accordance with the “dimensions” of the patient. It is more sensible in all respects to choose metal alloy crutches. The presence of soft nozzles, comfortable grip and handles make the use of crutches more comfortable. When buying, be sure to ask about these “little things”. The support of the elbow crutch is made in the form of a tip or a pyramid. If the patient likes to travel, then it is better to choose the “road” option.

Design and color

In this regard, each person may have their own taste. But if you plan to sell crutches in the future, you may want to consider the ones that feature a universal color as well as design. About Advantage Healthcare Insurance for Senior Citizens: Popularly recognized as Medicare advantage plans, they help older folks who are 65 and above and living in the United States pay for costs for instance, deductible, copay, etc.

Crutches for Seniors: Picking the Right Variant

Crutches for Seniors: Picking the Right Variant

For lower limb injuries, crutches are always required, because without them you cannot walk for several weeks. And you need to choose the “right” crutches so as to avoid any damage to the joints.


Height is a guarantee of safety and convenience of crutches. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the right crutches based on its height. You must take into account not only the height from the tip to the upper roller but also the location of the crossbar for the brush. The height of the crutches to the bed patient is determined by subtracting 40 centimeters from their height.


Most modern models have the ability to fix at different heights. After purchasing the crutches, you want to immediately adjust their height. To do this, lean on reliable support, stand on a healthy foot. Bend your elbows slightly, and ask someone to increase it to the height that is comfortable for you. Tighten the screws. Crutches with push-button locks are more practical, try to select them.

Canadian Crutches

Now there is another type of crutches with a support under the elbow, the so-called “Canadian Crutches”. They can be used in cases where the doctor allows a small load on the leg.

Walking stick

Height. It should reach mid-thigh, if it’s too high or too low, it might not be able to serve its purpose. Since the length of people’s hands is different, try to choose a cane as follows: lower your hand, slightly bend it at the elbow – the handle of the “right” cane will be exactly at the level of your wrist. It is best to choose a cane that is adjustable in height. A pen. The larger the diameter, the better, with its girth, the fingers should not strain and close into a fist. The most ideal of materials is a rubber pad; such a cane will not slip out of your hands. In winter, it is better to use a cane with a sharp spike.

Adult Walkers

In cases where the patient is finding it very difficult to move independently (after a stroke, with arthrosis, etc.), walkers are used that greatly facilitate walking. Now there are several varieties and models of walkers available in the market. All of them differ in weight, functionality, design, etc. Height and load. The most comfortable walker should allow the user to easily adjust its height. Find out what maximum load they are designed for and try to choose according to your weight. Patient status. During rehabilitation periods, it is recommended to use the walker on four legs. If the patient is finding it difficult to move, then a walker should be used with a support under the elbow. You need to choose a lightweight model on wheels if you can not lift them. Elderly and seriously ill patients are recommended to use the walkers that come with a brake-locking feature on the wheels.

About Medigap: Also known as Medicare supplement plans, they intend to cover additional expenses not covered by Basic Medicare.

Causes That Lead to Teeth Fall in Senior Citizens

Causes That Lead to Teeth Fall in Senior Citizens

There are various causes of tooth loss in old age – from smoking, hypertension and diabetes to the fear of dentists and neglect of oral hygiene. Other reasons for the loss of teeth in old age can be poor-quality toothbrush, damage to the enamel; eating solid foods; opening the cans with the help of teeth and so on.

When the periodontium is in good condition, the teeth of older people do not fall out due to the high density of connective tissue. Dental roots are literally glued to the wells, while the pressure exerted during the process of chewing food is absorbed and fixed. But when the material loses its strength, the teeth in old age become susceptible to damage. Scientists conducted an experiment in which they analyzed information on the lifestyle of older people who use prostheses from a young age. The results of this study showed the following:

  • Teeth in old age fall out due to diabetes and hypertension;
  • Older men suffer from periodontal disease significantly more often than women;
  • 1/3 of the elderly subjects who lost their teeth in their youth smoked actively;
  • Almost every elderly research participant neglected adherence to oral hygiene rules.

Some experts do not recommend leveling the teeth, as this leads to their pulling out of the holes. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in the periodontal density and loosening of teeth in older people. This statement is very controversial, since another segment of the doctors believes that it is the curvature of the teeth and their strong condensation that can cause tooth loss. The teeth in old age also fall out due to the development of gingivitis, which then turns into periodontitis. Further, the process of inflammation passes into the bone tissue, causing tooth loosening and the appearance of caries, tartar, pulpitis, etc. Observance of oral hygiene and planned examination at the dentist should be at the top of the list when it comes to healthy teeth in the elderly. About Medicare Supplement Plans for senior adults: Medigap/supplemental plans allow elderly above 65 pay for costs such as co-pay, coinsurance, etc.

How Can Gardening Help Seniors Achieve a Better Health?

How Can Gardening Help Seniors Achieve a Better Health?

Scientists from Sweden have set a goal to prove that domestic work and gardening can increase the life expectancy of older adults. They carefully analyzed the lifestyle of more than four thousand people over the age of 60 and found that almost all of them hardly endure heavy physical exertion. Based on the research, it was concluded that an elderly person should make every effort to “break away” from the sofa and lead an active lifestyle to reduce the risk of strokes as well as heart attacks.

Representatives of the Swedish Karolinska University Hospital claim that older people prefer a sedentary lifestyle. In this regard, scientists took into account all types of physical activities that an elderly person can do (repairing cars and houses, mowing lawns, picking berries, hunting, etc.). Twelve-year observations of scientists have shown that physical activity in old age reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks by 27%. It was also discovered that the rate of mortality can be reduced by almost 30% among seniors with an active lifestyle. If an elderly person prefers to lead a sedentary lifestyle, their body metabolism is likely to slow down, the concentration of hormones in muscle tissues changes, and their state of health worsens.

According to researchers, gardening is the best form of physical activity for women in their old age. British scientists claim that it is even more useful than the most “cool” and “advanced” fitness programs. As reported in the English newspaper The Daily Mail, older people prefer to spend more than 80% of their time sitting in one place. Just by working as little as 50 minutes in the garden, an elderly person can significantly improve their health & fitness levels.

According to the research, an elderly woman can reduce the size of their waist and lose a considerable amount of fat just by working a few hours every week in a garden. In addition, it has also been proved that gardening can boost cognitive and psychological abilities in both men and women in their old age. About Medigap: Medicare supplement plans at allow the elderly who are 65 and above cover additional expenses not covered by Traditional Part A & Part B Medicare.

An Introduction to Cinematherapy for Seniors

An Introduction to Cinematherapy for Seniors

With age, human health becomes more fragile, and a person loses not only physical strength but also psychological health. Often older people become too sensitive and sentimental, experience severe anxiety, or fall into depression without any reason. Films can help senior citizens return to their emotional balance, and also improve mood. Movies for the elderly are good psychological support itself. When choosing films for the elderly, try to find those that remind them of youth, give pleasant emotions, and make them forget about their problems and sorrows they’re currently facing. You can also organize regular film shows for older people in the boarding house.

Films for the elderly as a method of treatment:

Humanity has come a long way in its development. The way in which this development took place was reflected in various forms of art. Among these, the most famous one is cinema. It has become a new way of entertainment, and relaxation, as well as a method of psychotherapy for the world. Each person appreciates and understands cinema in their own way. It is a peculiar way of introspection, it teaches to express feelings and helps to solve problems that constrain the mind and heart.

Cinematherapy involves:

  • understanding and recognizing the problem;
  • identifying probable causes of the problem;
  • finding internal reserves to overcome difficult circumstances;
  • finding out new methods of getting out of a difficult situation;
  • making the right decision.

The cinema therapy has more than a dozen goals, the following are recognized as the main ones:

  • Studying and understanding yourself.
  • Learning to empathize with the emotional state of another person.
  • Finding ways out of difficult life situations.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Analysis of personal experiences, actions.

Understanding the multidimensionality of image, decision, and person. When it comes to treating the nervous disorders, the best therapy is still watching movies for the elderly. In addition, watching the film takes less time than reading a book, so patients are less tired, and thanks to the film’s emotionality, they are more involved in the process. Experts note that the same film may act in a different way for every senior citizen. But, in psychological terms, the results are likely to stay almost the same in every case.

Post-treatment, the patient is likely to become positive towards the joys of life, understand people much better. Also, cinematherapy can bring the spiritual levels of the elderly to a whole new level. Senior Citizens and Advantage Coverage: Older folks who are currently residing in the United States can apply for Medicare Advantage Plans. Basically, they aim to fill the gaps in Basic Medicare which consist of Part A & Part B Medicare. 

7 Interesting Facts about Swimming the Elderly Need to Know

7 Interesting Facts about Swimming the Elderly Need to Know

1. During swimming, almost all muscle groups work.

During swimming classes, you are required to perform various exercises for your hands, as well as your legs. And while swimming, almost all muscle groups are involved, each of which receives a certain load.

2. Water cools the body and accelerates metabolic processes.

Swimming for the elderly is one of those workouts that strengthen the immune system and the nervous system, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood and normalizes blood circulation. Cool water cools, refreshes and stimulates the metabolic processes in the body, which makes an elderly person feel great.

3. Swimming helps to deal with stress.

To combat stress, all types of physical activity are widely used. When swimming, the water refreshes, “washes away” the accumulated negative emotions. Thus, an elderly person is charged with cheerfulness.

4. The most ancient style of swimming – breaststroke.

There are four basic swimming styles:

  • breaststroke;
  • butterfly;
  • crawl (freestyle);
  • backstroke.

Breaststroke is considered to be one of the most ancient styles of swimming. During the excavations on the walls of the Stone Age caves, drawings of a man swimming in a breaststroke were found.

5. The body weight in water is reduced by 10 times.

When immersed in water, the body becomes almost weightless, so swimming has almost no contraindications. Even people who have never played any type of sports before can take part in swimming classes.

6. Swimming abilities are innate.

A person is born with an innate ability to swim, but it disappears when you are 3 weeks old. Nonetheless, it makes swimming way more easy and natural in the future.

7. Biographies of many athletes who are swimmers indicate that swimming can enhance your health in a positive way:

Australian swimmer Don Frazer, an Olympic champion who received gold medals three times, began swimming after a severe illness (polio). The champion of Europe and the Soviet Union, Tina Lekveishvili, came to the pool to correct her posture using swimming.

The six-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps was unable to coordinate his movements because of his illness, and he constantly ran across various objects. To overcome the disease, he began his career in swimming. About Advantage: Advantage or Medicare advantage plans allow the elderly pay for expenses such as copay, deductible, etc.

3 keys to age with good health

3 keys to age with good health

Reaching grandparents with good health is something we can all bet on if we apply the recommendations that the specialists give us to have a healthy and lasting old age. Following are important 3 keys to age with good health.

1. Prevention:

To have a good quality of life, we must anticipate the events that are why prevention is an influential factor to build healthy habits that help us to be calm when we reach the stage of the older adult. When we talk about the quality of life in old age we must speak in perspective of aging, taking into account that genetic or hereditary factors to develop certain types of diseases correspond to only 30 percent, against modifiable factors such as the environment and the optimization of appropriate lifestyles. An effective way to have a healthy old age is to go periodically to the doctor to receive timely diagnoses before any illness that may occur, 28 percent of adults over 60 do not consult the doctor because they consider that the medical situation they present is mild, negatively affecting the timely diagnosis of serious diseases that can be controlled in the early stages if it is consulted on time.

2. Good eating habits:

To enjoy a healthy life is not only necessary to prevent and consult the doctor but also we must have good eating habits. It is also necessary to take into account the practice of exercise periodically according to medical indications and healthy management of emotions to have positive effects on health. Supplement your health and get a quote at

3. Vaccination:

Vaccination schemes in children, adults and the elderly are a determining factor that can prevent the spread of infections and serious diseases. Many believe that vaccines are only for the little ones but as the specialist points out, “there are some specific vaccines that older adults should have up to dates such as pneumococcal, influenza and whooping cough, among others, however, it is essential that they go to the doctor to determine the vaccination schedule according to their age. One of the most common infections in older adults is pneumonia, which comes from chronic diseases that make grandparents more vulnerable such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, cancer or kidney failure. Therefore, special care must be taken with vaccination, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) it is estimated that 1.6 million people die each year due to pneumococcal disease, and older adults are among the population groups more exposed to contracting the disease.